Does Attitude Associate, Correlate, Or Cause Behaviour? An Assessment Of Attitude Towards Health Behaviour Under One Health Approach In Morogoro, Tanzania

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International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications


Literature doesn‘t empirically posit it very clear whether attitude associates to, correlates or cause certain health behaviours. Yet; little that is known is limited to associating attitudes with health behaviour in the context which did not take into account the interaction of humans, animals and the environment. A cross sectional study was conducted in Morogoro urban and Mvomero districts in Tanzania , aiming at:- (i)assessing attitudes over health behaviour under the interface of humans, animals and the environment; and, (ii) analyzing associations, correlations and causality existing between attitudes on health behaviour and health impairing habits/practices under One Health Approach. The sample comprised of 240 respondents obtained through a multistage sampling procedure. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire using a Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) electronic platform. Associations between attitude and health behavior were modest at p value=<0.001, correlation coefficient was significant with r = .235 and p-value = <0.01, and no evidence of having attitudes directly causing certain behaviours was established. In logit regression analysis, health literacy was found to predict health behaviours too. Individual behaviors performed in a particular context tend to be influenced not only by general attitudes but by a wide range of additional factors.


International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications (IJARP), 2017; 1(3): 82-91


Attitudes, Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, correlation, health behaviour, one health approach, Tanzania