Contribution of world vision towards improving child welfare services: a case of Magole area development program, Morogoro region, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study aimed at assessing the contribution of child welfare services provided by World Vision, Tanzania at Magole Area Development Program (ADP). Its specific objectives were to assess the types of child welfare services rendered by World Vision Tanzania at Magole ADP, to analyze the needs of the children at ADP Magole, to evaluate the contribution of WV in the program and to assess the determinants of satisfaction of the program. The study adopted multistage sampling also known as multi-stage cluster sampling technique in which structured questionnaire with open and closed ended questions and key informants interviews were used to collect primary data from a sample size of 110 respondents. Then Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 was used for analysis of data. It involved the use of logit regression modal and descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages which are presented in tables. The findings of the study showed that the world vision Magole ADP organization has a top- down approach when it comes to selecting and registration of sponsored children to planning the implementation of their projects. The program provides material stuffs to children such as bed sheets, mosquito nets, exercises books and soap. This created classes among participants and non-participants. There were some non-participants who really required the services, but could not receive because they were not selected or registered by the organization. There are some children who really live in poor conditions but were not selected. The study recommends the government and other NGO’s to work hand in hand with world vision to serve children who missed the opportunity to be in the program by promoting and implementing sustainable development projects that will ensure promising wellbeing to the children.


M. Sc. Dissertation


World vision, Child welfare services, Magole area development program, Morogoro region, Tanzania