Contribution of mobile telephony to the performance of agriculture-based small and medium enterprises in Ulanga district

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study assessed the contribution of mobile telephony to the performance of agriculture based small and medium enterprises in Ulanga District Specifically, the study examined the innovative uses of mobile telephony in agriculture based SMEs; identified factors associated with usage of mobile telephony; mapped the nexus between mobile telephony usage and agriculture based SMEs activities; and established the extent to which mobile telephony contribute to the performance of agriculture based SMEs. Both multi-stage and purposive sampling techniques were used to obtain 104 questionnaire respondents and 40 FGD participants. Quantitative data were collected using questionnaires whereas qualitative data were collected using Focus group discussions (FGDs). Quantitative data were analyzed by using SPSS and qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis technique. The study findings revealed that beeping, loudspeaker, camera and voice recording were innovative applications of mobile phones; mobile phones’ usage was mainly enhanced by good mobile network coverage and mainly constrained by frequent cut-off of electricity; and uses of mobile phones had significantly increased profit, sales volume, operating efficiency, managerial and customers’ satisfaction ratings. It is concluded that uses of mobile phones contributed to the performance of agriculture based SMEs. It is recommended that the government and private sectors should take the charge of providing reliable electricity services and owners of SMEs need to increase usage of mobile telephony commercially than for social contacts in order to realize better performance.


MA.- Dissertation in Rural Development


Mobile telephony, Ulanga district, Small-medium enterprises