Economic valuation of selected non-timber forest products in Chiwale general land forest: a case study of Masasi district, Mtwara region-Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted to assess the economic valuation of selected Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) around Chiwale General Land Forest (CGLF) in Masasi District-Mtwara. The value of NTFPs is not well known in other forest including CGLF as case study, since few studies have been done mainly on the economic value of firewood, food security, medicinal plants and poles in the Eastern Arc Mountains forest (Udzungwa), North Ruvu Forest Reserve, Zaraninge forest in Bagamoyo. This study intended to identify main NTFPs extracted from the study area, estimating the quantity of NTFPs extracted from the forest, assessing the monetary value of NTFPs and analyze the factors influencing its extraction. The study was conducted through Households questionnaire, Focus group discussion, Key informant interviews and Market Survey in three villages surrounding CGLF. Data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) where both quantitative and qualitative information’s were captured. The study identified different valuable NTFPs like firewood, bamboo, thatch grass, poles, fruits and charcoal. It was observed that socio economic factors like sex of respondent, education level and household size was statistically significant at p <0.01 influenced extraction and use of NTFPs. The average quantity per household per year of firewood was 96 head loads with a value of TZS 96 000; the average quantity of Bamboo per household per year was 288 head loads with a value of TZS 288 000; thatch grasses with average quantity of 216 bundles with monetary value estimated at TZS 108 000 per household per annum, 10 poles were observed to be harvested per household per year with average value of TZS 10 000, the quantity of charcoal harvested per household per year was 1104 (20kg) bags valued to TZS 2 208 000 and the quantity of fruits harvested per household per year was 270kg valued to TZS 135 000. From the sample of 90 households it was estimated that the community earns about TZS 42 383 000 and the value of NTFPs for the whole population was ranging between 6 895 432 500 and 8 204 674 500 per annual. It is recommended that for sustainability of NTFPs in CGLF, the Government has to initiate and support community with education emphasizing on sustainable use of NTFPs.



Forest, Timber forest products, Forest products, Chiwale general land forest, Masasi district, Mtwara region, Tanzania, Non timber forest products (NTFPs)