Gender issues in dairy and beef value chains in Tanzania

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Tanzania Journal of Development Studies


This study was conducted to assess the role and level of participation of women, men and youth in the dairy and meat value chains. The study also focused on gender constraints and challenges that hinder equitable involvement of women and men in the chains. Using Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Dar es Salaam as study areas, interviews with key informants were conducted using a checklist of questions. Desk review of relevant literature was also done. Content analysis was used to analyze the information collected. The study found out that men and women play important role in both milk and beef value chains, but the extent of their involvement differ significantly. Women were found to be concentrated in lower and insecure nodes of the milk and beef value chain. However, few women who are milk producers have been able to engage or develop horizontal linkages by forming processing and marketing groups. Though there is use of improved technologies, some of these seem to increase women workload. Generally, socio-cultural issues hinder women from fully participating in the beef value chain. Thus, the study recommends that simple and appropriate dairy and beef technologies be developed so as to promote women's participation in the chains. Also, awareness creation to community members is important to sensitize the people on the role women can play in both dairy and more so in beef sector.


Tanzania Journal of Development Studies 2012, Vol. 1 2(1)


Milk and beef value chains, Tanzania, Gender relations