Accessibility and use of Local Government monitoring database in the reform programme: The case of Ludewa District, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study aimed at determining effectiveness of Local Government Monitoring Database (LGMD) in the realisation of Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP) in Ludewa District. The specific objectives were; (i) to examine the type of support provided by the district to villages to facilitate data gathering, management and utilization; (ii) its effects on development planning and monitoring in the district; (iii) to identify problems which hinder performance of LGMD; and (iv) to assess factors that influence effective operation of LGMD and comparison of performance of LGMD operation between semi urban and rural villages. Stratified sampling was used to obtain sample of 20 villages, 10 being semi urban and other 10 were rural villages. From these 20 villages a sample of 120 respondents was drawn. Sampling unit for this study was an- information provider drawn from members of village assembly and extension staff working with the community. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected using interview schedule administered to information providers and observation was also used during survey. Data analysis was done using Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS). An ordinary least square model was used to determine the influence of independent variables on the level of effective operation of LGMD. The study revealed that there is no significant difference in the performance of LGMD operation between semi urban and rural villages. This is due to the short life span of the project to manifest true characters of effect in LGMD operation. However, preliminary signs show that there is difference in effectiveness of LGMD between semi urban and rural settings- implying the need of having consideration of urban or rural and metropolitan or periphery conditions on programmes which are to operate throughout the country. Since LGMD is owned by Government and extend from national to community level the Government should consider financing data collection and management to ensure its effectiveness.


A Dissertation 2009


Local Government, Monitoring database, Reform programme, LudewaDistrict, Tanzania