Factors affecting wildlife based domestic tourism in the northern tourist circuit, Tanzania

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Sokoine University Of Agriculture


The study on factors affecting domestic tourism was carried out in northern Tanzania tourist circuit. The study had the following objectives: (i) To determine the characteristics of domestic tourists, (ii) To assess the trend in tourism and domestic tourism, (iii) To identify and assess factors affecting domestic tourism, (iv) To assess efforts undertaken to promote domestic tourism, (v) To propose ways by which domestic tourism can be improved. A sample of 140 domestic tourists, 142 selected individuals from markets and streets, 27 tour operators, 5 Protected areas (PAs) management staff, 6 PAs gate clerks and park guides, and 2 tourist organizations were interviewed. The results revealed that: (i) The age group of 26 - 37 was the most active group in visiting protected areas. The age groups of <20 years and >49 years rarely visited the PAs (ii) Low income was indicated as the main constraint (77.0%) affecting the growth of domestic tourism, followed by lack of awareness (71.8%), tourism education (53.0%) and lack of interest to travel (53.0%). (iii) There was a linear increase in the number of tourists in the three PAs from 1998 — 2003 due to the improvement of activities, facilities and services, (iv) Tourism education to all people, and improvement of services and facilities were the opinions given for the improvement of domestic tourism. It is recommended that, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism through its departments and organizations should put more efforts in domestic tourism promotion and marketing by using many and different ways since many factors found to affect domestic tourism in the country that had different weights of importance.


Msc. Dissertation


Wildlife based domestic tourism, Northern tourist circuit, Tanzania