Cassava value chain analysis in Mkuranga district coast region in Tanzania.

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Sokoine Universityof Agriculture


The aim of this study was to conduct cassava value chain analysis in Mkuranga district.The data was collected from 90 farmers, 15 farmer processors, 7 service providers and 30 traders from different markets located in Mkuranga district Coast region, Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni Municipal in Dar es Salaam region. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from farmers’ while for other categories of respondents the appropriate checklist was used to gather information concerning their participation in cassava value chain. Both quantitative and descriptive analysis was applied. Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) and Microsoft excel statistical soft ware used for analysis. The results show that the key actors of cassava value chain include research institutions, input suppliers, farmers, processors, small traders, brokers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers which play different roles in cassava value chain. The study also found that, cassava is constrained by production, processing and marketing but on the other hand cassava from Mkuranga has a lot of market opportunities in the district itself, urban, regional and international markets. Gross margin analysis show that farmers’, wholesalers and retails have the gross margin ratios of 20%, 39%, and 38% respectively. In dry cassava value chain, farmers have a gross margin ratio of 41.1% when they sell to retailers and gross margin ratio of 52.12% when they sell direct to consumers. Fanners gross margin is affected by distance from the market, year of experience in cassava business, planting style, cropping style and farmer’ organization in cassava production activities. The study concluded that dry cassava value chain is more efficient and highly potential compared to fresh cassava value chain for development in Mkuranga district. The study recommends that development of dry cassava value chain is vital and therefore calls for efforts from all development stakeholders in cassava value chain to focus on it.




Cassava, Cassava value chain, Suppliers, Farmers, Processors, Small Traders\