The effectiveness of outreach programme as experiential learning for training students as Livestock extension workers in Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of weekly outreach programme as an experiential learning for students trained as livestock extension workers in Livestock Training Agency (LITA) in Tanzania. About 80 students who graduated in Morogoro and Mpwapwa campuses from year 2006 to year 2013 were sampled for interview. Interviews were also made with instructors. The focus was on four key areas; the process of organizing and implementing outreach programme, practical skills gained by students, the practical competence of students in providing knowledge and skills to livestock keepers before and after outreach activities and the influence of the outreach programme on career development. Data on the socio-economic characteristics of respondents were analyzed by descriptive statistics, while paired t-test was used to determine practical competence of students in providing knowledge and skills to livestock keepers before and after outreach activities. A Chi Square Test was also employed to compare quantitative data from two LITA campuses. The analysis of opinions from students on the influence of outreach programme on career development involved descriptive statistical analysis. The study established that students were visiting livestock keepers mainly during weekends in groups of four to six students per individual livestock keeper. Verbal communication was the main delivery mechanism of information to livestock keepers. Very few practical skills on animal health and animal production were gained by students as a result of outreach programme. This study also revealed that the competence levels of students changed from not being competent to competent after weekly outreach programme. Weekly outreach programme also exposed students to the real work of livestock extension agent. It thus recommended that other methods of extension like leaflets and posters be used by the students. Similarly, there should be a rigorous monitoring system by instructors.


Masters Dissertation


Outreach programme, Livestock, Livestock extension, Students training, Tanzania