Influence of multi stakeholder(s) platforms in promoting agribusiness development in Kilombero District, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Multi Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) form an important initiative in bringing together multiple actors along a community value chain to address challenges and identify opportunities to generate innovations in agriculture. There is limited empirical information on the performance of MSPs in agricultural sector. The specific objectives of the study were to identify the existing stakeholders supporting agribusiness development; to evaluate the roles of stakeholder and to determine the factors influencing willingness of farmers to participate in MSPs. The study involved 150 households and 40 agribusiness stakeholders. Data was collected by using structured questionnaire and supplemented with secondary data collected from various sources. The data collected was summarized by using SPSS and Microsoft Excel. Stakeholder analysis was used to identify stakeholders in agribusiness sector in Kilombero. The results of regression analysis revealed that farmer’s participation in MSPs measured the willingness to participate was associated with some of the household characteristics such as gender of the household head, age of the household head, education level, membership in association, who makes farming decisions in the family and accessibility of credits to farmers. The result identified nine distinct roles such as research, extension and training, inputs supply, social mobilization, marketing, credit provisions and platform mobilization. Age, gender, education, household size and accessibility to credits showed significant results as factors influencing farmer’s participation in MSPs at 1% and 5% levels of significance. The study recommended the following measures to be taken: increasing awareness and knowledge dissemination about MSPs by using promotional programs among existing and future stakeholders such that the concept of MSP is active and known to the government which would in turn design agricultural policies and programs that would involve and promote various stakeholders.



Agribusiness Development Promotion, Agribusiness Stakeholders, Kilombero District, Tanzania, Multi Stakeholder(S) Platforms