Growth performance of azadirachta Indica provenances in Morogoro, Tanzania

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Journal of Tropical Forest Science


The growth performance of 20 provenances and one land race of Azadirachta indica (neem) from 10 countries was evaluated at Mkundi Fuel Wood Forest Reserve in Morogoro region, Tanzania. The experiment was established in a randomised complete block design with six replications. This is one of the provenance trials under the International Neem Network. The assessment involved tree height, diameter at breast height, number of branches, stem quality, survival and total volume after 58 months of planting. Except for survival, differences between provenances as well as between provenance and land race were observed in all the parameters studied. Provenances Ban Bo, Ban Nong (Thailand), Ghaati (India), Doi Tao (Thailand), Ramanaguda (India), Vietianne (Vietnam), Kuliyapitiya (Sri Lanka), Annur, Mandore, Chitradunga (India) and Bandia (Senegal) were the best performers. Yezin (Myanmar), Allhabad (India), Balharshalt (Nepal), Sunyan (Ghana), Lamahal, Geta (Nepal), Chamwino (Tanzania), Chanatorin (India), Muttan, Tibbi Laran (Pakistan) were marginal performers. It is recommended that further assessments on provenance performance be carried out up to half rotation age for identification of promising provenance.


Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 2004; 16(3): 328-335


Neem, Land race, Breeding, Growth, Seed production, Miombo woodland, Afforestation