Role of ICTS in accessing and disseminating information for improved urban livestock keeping in Tanzania. A review of related literature.

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This review summarizes relevant research on the relevance of urban agriculture and how best various Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be used in accessing and disseminating livestock husbandry information, in order to improve livestock husbandry practices in urban areas. Specifically, it reviews studies that have been conducted in relation to urban agricultural practices, the challenges of keeping livestock in urban areas and the solutions to overcome the challenges of urban livestock keeping. The review also discusses the extent of ICT integration in agriculture from a global perspective and specifically in Africa and Tanzania. The review focuses on the information needs of urban livestock keepers and the challenges encountered in using various ICTs in accessing livestock husbandry information. This review reveals gaps in the literature and recommends on possible ways forward that relevant stakeholders may take to address these gaps.


Research paper


Urban agriculture, ICTs, Livestock husbandry, Livestock information, Urban areas, Literature review, Tanzania


Consolata, A.(2017). RoleofICTSinAccessinganddisseminating InformationforImprovedUrbanLivestock KeepinginTanzania.AReviewofRelated Literature.DigitalCommons@UniversityofNebraska-LincolnUniversityofNebraska-Lincoln.