Profiling of Haematological Indices in Relation to Body Score and Altitude Among Norwegian Goats in Morogoro, Tanzania

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Blood samples were collected from 180 apparently healthy adult Norwegian goats each 90 Norwegian goats, from high altitude and low altitude in Morogoro urban and peri-urban to assess the influence of altitude on their hematological indices. The (RBC) Red blood cells, PCV (packed cell volume), WBC (White blood cells) and HB (Hemoglobin) concentration were determined. Analysis of hematological indices was done using Automated Hematological Analyzer (Msn4s). Data on age, weight, body score, health and nutritional status were recorded for each animal. Epi-info version7.1 was used to analyze data for means, standard deviation and percentages. T-test and Chi-square were used to compare similarities between the groups. Results were compared to normal ranges of the parameters. Most parameters were within normal ranges. However significant increase in white blood cell count and decrease in hemoglobin concentration was observed from blood collected from groups of Norwegian goats located at low altitudes. Whereas the value of RBC (Red blood cells), PCV (packed cell volume) and HB (Hemoglobin) concentration in blood samples from high altitude were significantly high compared to those found at low altitude. These results revealed that, the level of hematological parameters were significantly affected by nature of areas animal located, that is altitude, although other confounding factors such as age, diseases, stress, sex, body weight and climatic condition may result to variations on the blood indices.



Hematological Indices, Altitude, Norwegian Goats, Morogoro, Tanzania