Performance of interventions under ASDP in Tanzania: The case of Temeke municipality

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was conducted in Temeke Municipality. The general objective of this study is to assess the performance of the existing interventions implemented by small scale farmers under ASDP through the O&OD participatory planning process. A cross-sectional research design was applied for this study. A representative sample of 100 respondents (52 DADPs participants and 48 non-DADPs participants) was drawn from the sampling frame. The study revealed that there was no difference in living standards between DADPs participants and non- DADPs participants. Problems that face the interventions were: diseases of crops and animals, poor attendance of members in meetings, lack of technical know how, drought, lack of markets, high prices of agricultural inputs, misunderstandings among the group members and lack of permanent irrigation structures. The study recommends that there is a need to involve the small scale farmers and other development agencies in the area at the start of such interventions so as to integrate all the sectors; furthermore accountability and transparency would be strengthened by strengthening elected interventions committee to play their role more effectively; this should establish faster development and sustainability of interventions. It is recommended that interventions identification should be discussed regularly in the street assembly. Failure of interventions identified through the O&OD participatory process is a great disincentive to planning; PRA techniques should be employed to generate local awareness of how community resources, both human and financial, can be used to solve community problems. The District and Ward Facilitation Teams should make regular follow ups and monitor at street level; this will help to know what is really happening at every stage of the participatory process and emerging problems and finding solutions to them. The Municipal Council should ensure that objectives set under DADPs interventions are achievable.



nterventions, Tanzania, Temeke Municipality, Temeke Municipality


Mlungwana,J.M(2010)Performance Of Interventions Under Asdp In Tanzania: The Case Of Temeke Municipality .Morogoro; Sokoine University of Agriculture.