Factors influencing adoption of improved cassava production technologies in Mkuranga district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The main purpose of this study was to assess factors influencing adoption of improved cassava production technologies in Mkuranga District. The specific objectives were to: examine technologies used by cassava smallholder farmers, identify extension services provided to cassava smallholder farmers and cassava production constraints as well as identify factors leading to adoption of improved cassava production technologies. One hundred twenty respondents were randomly selected from the targeted village. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Key informant interviews. Data were analysed by descriptive analysis and content analysis. The finding showed that 77.5% of cassava farmers used traditional technologies in cultivating cassava. However, the study shows factors that influence the adoption of cassava improved technologies are knowledge/skills through training and seminars (58.8%), availability of credit facilities (42.1%), market availability (46.5%), and availability of high yielding cassava varieties (45.6%). The study also shows majority of farmers do not have contact with extension officers. During FGD, farmers pointed out that shortage of extension service, land scarcity and unreliable market contributed to farmers not adopting improved technologies for cassava production. Moreover, pests and diseases, drought, inadequate planting materials, lack of knowledge and inadequate fund contributed to low cassava production. The study also observed that factors that influence farmers not adopting technologies were ignorance, difficulties in using it, unavailability of technologies and cost of technologies. The study thus recommends that effort must be made to motivate farmers through extension agents to implement improved cassava technologies which will increase cassava production and income to the farmers in Mkuranga District and Tanzania at large.


MSc Thesis


smallholder farmers, cassava production, agricultural technologies, extension services, Mkuranga