Consumers demand for traditionally processed cashewnuts: a case of Morogoro and Coast region

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was carried out in Morogoro and Coast Regions. The study used a cross- sectional research design where data was collected from a sample of 80 consumers and 30 sellers using structured questionnaire. Also survey methods including personal observations and key informants was used to obtained necessary information. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and linear regression analysis was adopted by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS). The results showed that both price and hygiene of the product had negative impact on demand of the kernel. Also income of the buyer/consumer as well as willingness to buy have some effect on demand of the product. Other variables such as the number of children, norms, age and marital status also had some effects on consumption of processed nuts. Logical conclusion drawn from these results is that, cashew nut processing technology, inadequate working capital, week linkage between sellers and consumers, poor entrepreneur skill of both the processor and the sellers as well as lack of advertisements were the major constraints that affect performance of traditionally processed kernel across the study area. These observations have both economic and social impacts on the status of processors, sellers/buyers and government.



Traditionally Processed, Cashewnuts, Morogoro, Coast Region


Njau,J.M(2010)Consumers Demand For Traditionally Processed Cashewnuts: A Case Of Morogoro And Coast Region .Morogoro; Sokoine University of Agriculture.