Involvement and performance of private extension service providers in Rungwe district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Several studies (Rivera and Cary 1997; AFC Consultants International 2011) show that effectiveness and efficiency of extension services have increased where governments have shifted from being the sole provider towards developing more pluralistic kind of extension system. The general objective of this study was to assess involvement and performance of Private Extension Service Providers in Rungwe District. An interview schedule and a note book were used to collect primary data during focused-group discussions with farmers/clients. The note book was also used to record some important field observations and secondary data from official documentary sources. The data collected from the categories of informants were then organized, processed and analyzed using “content analysis” technique. Based on the findings of the study, it was observed that there is increasing involvement of private extension service providers in the District. According to the study, favourable agro-climatic environment, the National Agricultural Policy, effort of the Government to promote private investment, infrastructure mainly roads and other socio-demographic factors were mentioned to be some of the major external factors influencing involvement of private extension service providers in the District. On the other hand, the above factors together with other factors like organizational internal factors which includes: capacity of given PESPs in terms of financial, physical and personnel resources, material capital including working facilities like building structures, means of transport and qualification of personnel were observed to be some of the factors influencing the performance of Most PESPs in the District. It was also observed that, given special attention and support, for profit Individuals (FPIs) are potentially capable of performing even much better and have even more socio-economic impact to individual households and the whole community at large.


Master Dissertation


Extension services, Private extension, Extension service providers, Rungwe district, Tanzania