Farmers' perceptions of contract farming in Tanzania: a case study of Mtibwa out-grower sugar cane scheme in Morogoro Region

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Globally, the role of contract farming for improving farmers' livelihoods has been a topic of interest and controversy for at least the past four decades. While some research . findings recommend contract farming as a strategy to be adopted for improving farmers' livelihoods, others have expressed reservations regarding the stated benefits. They raise concerns that the "formal contract farming bandwagon- and interventions that strive to integrate rural smallholders into more formal and commercial market systems' do not always deliver the benefits portrayed during promotion of new interventions. Drawing on an empirical study, this paper assesses how contract farming at Mtibwa Sugarcane Out-grower Scheme is viewed by . farmers: specifically, perceptions regarding contract farming among cane growers with reference to its advantages and disadvantages are examined.


Journal of continuing Education and Extension, 2015; 6 (1): 789-805


Contract farming, Sugar cane, Out-grower scheme, Perceptions, Tanzania