Human-crocodile conflicts in areas adjacent to Lake Rukwa and Momba River, Momba District, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Conflicts between human and crocodiles are increasing due to increase in human population. The conflicts have significant impacts on both human and crocodile populations. The study focused on assessment of human-crocodile conflicts in areas adjacent to Lake Rukwa and Momba River, Momba District, Mbeya Region Tanzania, for the period of 2003 to 2012. Cross-sectional research design and purposive sampling of villages were used in data collection. A total of 120 households were randomly sampled from four villages of Kamsamba, Senga, Muuyu and Samang’ombe. Data were collected using direct observation, structured interviews, focus group discussions and key informants interview. Simple descriptive statistics, cross tabulations and Chi-square test were used to analyze data. The causes of human-crocodile conflicts identified include: - fishing, crossing rivers, water for domestic use, and bathing/swimming. The main crocodile damage reported were:- killing of people, livestock depredation, injury/deformity to people, damages on fishing nets and crocodiles were blamed to cause threats to people’s life. During the period of 2003 to 2012, a total of 32 people were killed and 19 were injured by crocodiles. On the same period, crocodiles were reported to have killed 52 cattle, 10 dogs and 23 goats. It was found that most crocodile attacks occurred during the wet season from the period of January to March. Overall, many crocodiles attacks on people occurred while they were fishing or crossing rivers. The methods used in solving human-crocodile conflicts involved killing harmful crocodiles, avoiding going near the lake/rivers, digging water wells and providing education to communities on ways of avoiding crocodiles. The study recommends the supply of clean water to villagers of Kamsamba, Senga, Muuyu and Samang’ombe, and bridges to be constructed across rivers where most people pass when going to either side of the rivers.


Masters Dissertation


Crocodile population, Human-crocodile conflicts, Lake Rukwa, Momba River, Momba District, Tanzania