The status of forest ecosystem services and their management: the case of Uzigua forest reserve in Tanzanian coastal forests

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Natural Resources and Conservation


Sustainable forest production and management require an understanding of how people identify and understand coastal forests ecosystems (CFEs) services and their management. This study was conducted to understand how local people are aware about status of coastal forest services and their implications on the current management options. We conducted a survey at Uzigua Forest Reserve in Bagamoyo district, Pwani Region-Tanzania. Interviews and questionnaires were used to cross-examine 178 respondents followed by one triangulation workshop to fine tune the findings and avoid biased responses. We found that, an understanding of a full range of services provided by coastal forests ecosystems is lacking. Although local people are aware of activities causing forest’s degradation, still they don't have alternative livelihood means to sustain life independent of forest resources. These deficits are key factors that hinder efforts for management of coastal forests thus contributing to nonstop degradation of coastal forests along the coastal zone of Tanzania. Efforts are required to ensure that local people are aware about services and management benefits. We hope that these efforts will contribute to stop the loss of existing forest and mitigate impacts on the ecological services provided by these forests.



Coastal Forests, Ecosystem Services, Forest Management, Uzigua Forest Reserve, Forest Degradation