Husbands’ response to accompany their pregnant wives for HIV/AIDs test in antenatal clinics in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The concern for HIV/AIDS cannot be isolated from its devastating effects on socio- economic development of any nation. Tanzania is one of the countries with HIV prevalence rate of over 4% whence, like many other countries in Africa, Tanzania adapted the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) in 2003 to curb new HIV infections. Despite this assorted intervention, infant and child mortality rates by AIDS have remained a puzzle. This study therefore, aimed at conducting an assessment of husbands’ response to accompany their pregnant wives for HIV/AIDS test in Antenatal Clinics (ANC) in Morogoro Municipality. Specifically the study looked at awareness of testing, challenges for testing, the importance of testing in ANC and factors influencing husbands’ reluctance to get tested in ANC. Total of 120 respondents were involved in this study and data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) where both inferential and descriptive statistics were done. Women were found to be more aware of HIV testing in ANC compared to their counterpart. Among others, the study identified occupational demands, inadequacy of practitioners and lack of education as the major challenges for testing in ANC while, arranging to deliver in health facility, early administration of ARVs and enhance trust among couples were identified as the importance of testing in ANC. On the other hand, awareness on testing and frequency of conception were found to be the main predictors of husband's willingness to get tested for HIV in ANC. The study has concluded that, men’s role in HIV prevention is pivotal to changing the course of the epidemic men participation in PMTCT programs increases their knowledge of HIV, develop supportive behavior and increases theiriii receptiveness to HIV testing. The study has acclaimed policy intervention to enhance men participation in PMTCT as well as eradication of HIV-related stigma to encourage HIV testing among couples in Antenatal Clinics.



antenatal clinics, HIV-related stigma, HIV testing, policy intervention, HIV/AIDs, Morogoro Municipality, socio- economic development