The influence of women groups on income and gender relations in dairy farming: case of Arumeru District

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


A study on the influence of women groups on income and gender relations in dairy farming was carried in Arumeru district. The study aimed at determining sources of household income, differences in income from dairy production between women in groups and those not in groups and to investigate gender relations in management of dairy production. The study was conducted in six villages namely Bangata, Sasi, Inshupu, Enaboishu, Sokoni II and Nkoaranga whereby both women in dairy farming groups and those not in groups were surveyed. Cross sectional research design was adopted using structured questionnaires to collect information from households. Furthermore, an in depth interview with key informants was done to gather more information on dairy farming. Statistical Package for Social Sciencies (SPSS) was used for data analysis. Chi-square and t-test were used to test the statistical significance of categorical and continuous data respectively. In addition, regression model was used to investigate the effect of group membership in determining income from dairy farming. Results from the study showed that revenues from dairy products such as fresh milk, sour milk and butter brought more income than other sources. It was also found that group membership was not a determinant of income from dairy farming though women in groups had access to several benefits such as access to loans, training, provision of dairy cattle etc. It was also observed that being in groups assisted women to overcome traditional men dominance which blocked their rights in decision making and owning resources. To improve performance of women’s group in dairy farming, it was recommended that, women groups should get more financial assistance from the government, local NGO’s and donors. In conjunction with encouraging more women to join groups, gender relations in dairy management should be reassessed to minimize the work load burden to women, which affects the level of production.



Women Groups, Gender Relations, Dairy Farming, Arumeru District


Kimaro,E.G(2008)The Influence Of Women Groups On Income And Gender Relations In Dairy Farming: Case Of Arumeru District .Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture