Integrating moral and ethical values in the general studies syllabus at advanced level secondary school in Tanzania: challenges and opportunities

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Research Journal of Education


This study sought to achieve two specific objectives: First, to examine the challenges of teaching and learning moral and ethical values at advanced level secondary school in Tanzania and, secondly, to recommend ways of improving moral and ethical values among the youth. The study involved 80 students and 12 teachers, randomly selected from 4 secondary schools found in Morogoro Municipality. The data were collected using interviews, focus group discussions and review of curriculum materials. The findings were as follows: First, it was revealed that the teaching of moral and ethical values in schools faced a number of challenges, including lack of role models, inadequate human and material resources, and weaknesses of the content of the syllabus in use. Secondly, the respondents recommended that for the teaching of moral and ethical values to be effective, a tripartite of stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and the general public should work collaboratively. In light of these findings, it is recommended that the entire society and parents in particular, should serve as role models to ensure that children are both morally and ethically upright as they are brought up


Research Journal of Education, 2015; 1 (3) : 21-26


Morals, Ethics, Syllabus, Curriculum, Secondary school, Tanzania