Assessment of nutritive value of commiphora swynnertonii and its effects on cholesterol levels in rattus rattus

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Experimental studies to determine the chemical composition of the Commiphora swynnertonii as well as its effect in plasma cholesterol levels and weight changes in Rattus rattus. A total of 24 rats were used in the dose and time dependent experiments of resin, C. swynnertonii at (0 mg/kg, 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg) on daily basis for 21 days. Six samples of root and stem bark were used in the proximate, selected minerals and heavy metals analysis by using AOAC (1995). Weekly weight measurement and plasma cholesterol levels were evaluated for each R. rattus. The results showed that the roots and stem bark of C. swynnertonii had significant difference in chemical composition (p < 0.05). Among the minerals analyzed Magnesium was the most abundant (996.30-1810.01 mg/100g). This plant was found to contain high fibre and carbohydrates. Results shows higher concentration of lead in stem bark (0.25 ppm) than in the root (<0.01 ppm) and the concentration of cadmium in the root and stem bark 0.01 ppm and 0.001 ppm respectively and for mercury the concentration was < 0.01 ppm for both roots and stem bark. There were significant differerence (p < 0.05) on cholestrol level and weight between the treated and the control groups. Commiphora swynnertonii resin lowered cholesterol level by 54%, 76% and 79% and weight changes by 18%, 31% and 23% for the exposed rats at concentrations of 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg respectively and at the higher doses showed side effect including diarrhoea and death. Based on the results, C. swynnertonii has shown potential important medicinal plant as it contain some anti-cholesterol properties reduces weight and induces diarrhoea even at low doses.



nutritive value, commiphora, swynnertonii, Rattus rattus


Simon, S. (2011). Assessment of nutritive value of commiphora swynnertonii and its effects on cholesterol levels in Rattus rattus . Morogoro: Sokoine Univesity of Agriculture.