Analysis of cocoa beans value chain: a case study of Kyela district in Mbeya region

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study on analysis of cocoa value chain was conducted in Kyela District. Kyela is a leading cocoa producing District in the country with annual production of 4344 tonnes. Tanzania exports about 6500 metric tones per year. The general objective of the study was to assess cocoa value chain and performance indicators among smallholder farmers in Kyela District. The specific objectives were to identify the cocoa beans market channels, to determine the gross margin accrued by actors, to compare the gross margin accrued among the actors and to determine the contribution of cocoa fermenting to farmers’ gross margin in Kyela District. A cross sectional research design was used in the study. The study population was cocoa producing farmers and cocoa traders in Kyela District. To meet the objectives of the study, qualitative and quantitative analysis methods were applied. The qualitative techniques involved the use of measures of central tendency to describe characteristics of respondents and in the description of the market chain. In analysis of gross margin, linear regression and one way ANOVA were quantitative methods identified. The first channel comprised of farmers, village collectors, private company agents, private companies and exporters. The second comprised of farmers, private company agents, private companies and exporters. The last channel also found out that, farmers received higher gross margin than other actors and that therefore recommended for farmers to sell fermented cocoa through channels that cocoa fermenting contributed significantly to the level of farmers’ gross margin. It is comprised of farmers, primary cooperative, cooperative union and exporters. It was used. During the study three main channels through which cocoa was sold were give them high return. It is also recommended for the Government to establish cocoa board that will be responsible to supervise cocoa business in the District and the Nation at large.




Cocoa, Kyela District, Mbeya region, Beans, Cocoa production