The extension and communication programme for the east Usambara catchment forest project

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Forestry and Beekeeping Division


The extension and communication programme consultancy was commissioned by the East Usambara Catchment Forest Project (EUCFP). The terms of reference have an overall objective of developing a means of communication which can help the project present its objectives and ideas to the local people and enlist their cooperation as a way of sustaining the project activities. Specific objectives of the study includes: Identifying felt needs of the farmers; proposing extension packages which can meet the felt needs of the people so as to solicit their cooperation in safeguarding the forest reserves; identifying appropriate extension methods which can be used to reach these people; and to propose a training programme which can promote genuine participation of both extension agents and the general public.



Communication programme, East Usambara catchment, Extension packages, Communication methods, Forest extension, Farmers' needs