Assessment of bmus awareness on sardine processing and marketing in lake Victoria, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was implemented to generate information on assessing BMUs awareness on sardine processing and marketing on Lake Victoria Tanzania. Specifically, the study intended to; identify the roles BMUs are currently performing in line with sardine processing practices with the proposed BMUs guidelines and generating information to carry out the training need assessment for the studied BMUs. The study was conducted in Tanzania part of the lake. A total of 11 BMUs participated, drawn from three districts of Mwanza city. Data was collected using three main methods; A questionnaire-based survey involving a total of 155 respondents, Key informant interviews (n = 3) was done to to cover the information from the Focus Group Discussions, and also FGD (n = 77) with different groups at each site. After fieldwork data was entered in spreadsheets (Excel and SPSS) and analyzed. Multiple response analysis was used to determine the relationship between sardine handling, processing and training need within BMUs. BMUs are aware of various interventions done for sustainable fishery resource utilization. Though efforts to improve the value of sardines have been shown but BMUs were observed with challenges such as, lack of government and financial support, conflict of interest, poor record keeping, lack of regular trainings and proper market. In those circumstances BMUs are not sustainable, although they are feasible institutions. There is a need to build capacity through provision of equipments, access to financial resources, incentives to BMUs leaders, relevant training skills and awareness creation for BMUs to be feasible and sustainable.


M.Sc. Dissertation


Sardine processing, Tanzania, Bmus awareness, Lake Victoria, Sardin Marketing, Sardin processing, Resource utilization