Challenges of producing quality tree seeds to support afforestation in Tanzania

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Tanzania Forest Fund (TAFORI)


There is an increase of awareness among local communities, NGOs, the private sector and government agencies on the importance of afforestation in fostering the supply of important environmental goods and services. However, in order to sustain the afforestation initiatives and realize the anticipated impacts, quality seed production is critical. The history of tree seed production in Tanzania started as early as the 1902. In the 1970’s, the Government launched the national tree planting campaigns which led to the establishment of the National Tree Seed Programme (NTSP) in 1989. Following Government reforms, NTSP was transformed to Tanzania Tree Seed Agency (TTSA) in 2003. TTSA mandate is to produce and market high quality tree seed and other propagating materials. Currently, there is an increasing demand for quality tree seed for afforestation both locally and internationally. This paper identifies the challenges facing the production of quality tree seeds such as seed quality, low investments in tree seed industry, inadequate policy, and specific law to regulate and control tree seed quality, human resource limitations, and inadequate institutional integration with related expertise, research and climate change. Others issues include, problems of seed dormancy for some species, inadequate data on individual seed protocol for storage and germination. In addressing these challenges, the paper recommends investment in establishing as many seed orchards as possible, integrating institutions with related discipline at each node to create a multiplier effect on abundance, quality, and distribution as well as financing the tree seed industry, support training and recognition of the tree seed industry through policy and legal mechanisms.


Proceedings of the 1 st TAFORI Scientific Conference on Forestry Research for Sustainable Industrial Economy in Tanzania (2018), pg 63-72


Tanzania Tree Seed Agency, Orchard, Provenance, Policy