Foetal wastage and incidence of ovarian disorders in goats slaughtered at Dodoma municipal abattoir, Tanzania

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Tanzania Veterinary Association


Livestock husbandry and slaughter have become millenary traditions in every part of the world. In request for meat, numerous viable embryos and foetuses are wasted due to lack of effective pregnancy detection system and thus pregnant animals are not spared in the slaughtering process. In Tanzania, limited data are available on the level of foetal wastage in small ruminants slaughtered daily. This study was carried out to establish the level of foetal wastage and prevalence of ovarian disorders in does slaughtered at Dodoma municipal abattoir for a period of seven days (September 14 – 20, 2015). Foetal age was estimated using Crown Rump Length (CRL) method. Gross ovarian lesions were observed and sampled for histopathology. The total number of goats slaughtered during the study period were 2869 representing 72.3% males and 27.7% females. Up to 412 out of 795 (51.8%) of slaughtered does were pregnant including 34.7% carrying singletons and 17.1% having twins (p < 0.05). Of the recovered foetuses, 60% (n= 247) were males whereas 40% (n=165) were females. Gestation length estimated from CRL ranged from 37 to 103 days (CRL 5-35cm). Majority (80%) of foetuses were in second trimester, 12.8% first trimester and minority (7.2%) being in third trimester. The net economic value (NEV) daily forgone as a result of loss of potential offsprings at Dodoma abattoir was estimated to be between 8,610 and 14,350 US $. The incidence of ovarian disorders was recorded in 9.6% (37/383) of non-pregnant does. Follicular and luteal cysts were seen in 7.8% (n= 30) and 1.8% (n=7), respectively. Most of follicular cysts (65%) occurred as multiples, of which 52.9% (n=16) were on the right ovary and 47.1% (n=14) were on the left ovary. Luteal cysts were observed singly in either of the ovaries. Based on these findings, foetal wastage due to slaughtering of pregnant does is quite alarming at Dodoma municipal abattoir. Effective pregnancy screening before slaughter is recommended to avert the economic loss and human nutrient wastage.



Foetal loss, Ovarian disorders, Slaughter goats