Intestinal protozoan parasites of pigs reared under different management systems in Morogoro, Tanzania


Sixty three piggery units with a total herd size of 424 pigs i n the small-scale and semi-intensive management systents from semi arid and tropical highlund areas of Morogoro region were screened for intestinal protozoan parasites. Thirtysix percent of the screened animals were positive for eimeriosis and 7.8% for cryptosporidiosis. Prevalences of eimeriosis in the semi-intensive and sntall-scale management systems were 22% and 48%, respectively. High prevalences of eimeriosis and cryptosporidiosis (60% and 25%, respectively) were observed in the tropical highland climate area (Mgeta) and low rates (26% and 0.3%, respectively) were evident i n the semi-arid zone. Ninety five per cent of infected pigs excreted between 100 and 5000 OPG and five per cent were excreting more



Pigs, Protozoan, Parasites, Eimeria