Infestation Density of Eucalyptus Gall Wasp, Leptocybe invasa Fisher and La Salle (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) on Five Commercially Grown Eucalyptus Species in Tanzania

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Taylor & Franci


This study explores infestation density of Leptocybe invasa on five commercially grown Eucalyptus species in Coastal, Plateaux, and Southern Highlands agroecological zones of Tanzania. Infestation density between agroecological zones, Eucalyptus species, age classes and tree crown parts, relationship between stand altitudes and the magnitude of infestation, damage index, species age, and abundance of L. invasa on different Eucalyptus species were examined. There were significant differences in infestation between zones and Eucalyptus species. Eucalyptus tereticornis was more affected, followed by E. camaldulensis, andE. saligna was the least while E. grandis and E. citriodora were not affected. No significant differences in damage between different crown parts were observed.Treeswithageof1–3yrweredamagedmorethanthoseof age 4–6 yr. Pest infestation increased with an increase of L. invasa abundance but decreased with an increase of altitudes. Control efforts needs to focus on controlling the spread of the pest, using silvicultural methods and planting resistant Eucalyptus species.




Blue gum chalcid, Myrtaceae, Agroecological zones, Tanzania, Leptocybe invasa, Eucalyptus