Gender differences in prevalence and perception of being overweight among university students in Morogoro, Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

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The prevalence of overweight and obesity is rising at CM alarming rate in both developing and developed countries. cross-sectional survey WaS done to assess gender differences 11. 7 the p]-C1'01C11CC and perception ()level -weight and OhCSifl 0171011g students of higher burning 111.S1I111110115. 171C 5I11011' also explored the gender differences ill ChC(irT clill'ClisifiCaLl017 among the studied students. Alfumbe University was randomly selected from among five other in Alorogoro and a total of 222 students were randomly selected. freight, height, hip and 11'411..S1 C'ill'111771(21"(217CC Were measured using standard procedure. Obe.yity was defined according to If710 standard categories. Data on socio-demographic and sell-perception of body image were obtained using a structured (I lICS1101711ailV. 1.171.01717(111017 0/1 (11101(11.1' Chl'elS171' was obtained using FANT.-1,1-1,10 Data was analysed using the Statistical Package and Service Solutions (SPSS Inc.) computer software version 2(1 whore inferential and descriptive statistic's was pre.s.Cnlod. The mean age of respondents was 25 (SD 4.4) years. Based 0/1 1170 h4o ar' mass index (BAW), 37.04) of the Je' males were of or obese compared 10 23`1',JOr males. 117 contrast, 4% of the Jemales were underweight compared to 6. /or nudes. Regarding waist circumference and the waist-hip ratio. more females had increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Among overweight or (these 'utiles, identified themselves as having normal weight ithe/vas:, 50(.);, of the overweight or obese ,females thought they were normal. About S5(1,';., of the students co77S11111cd 11701V (hall 10111' .100d groups per day shownw that their diet vl as diversified, although more than half (55'),',) 0/ the respondents .1 kippca at least 0170 meal per day. There is a h04I7 prevalence of overweight and obesity eye( tally a171017g 10177(11C 111(1C171.1' of Iligher learning instionion.s ill Alorogoro region„Vntrition cell/canon is necessary to the S111(1C1711' to reduce 111C risk 101 ILA' .talc 11(11C(1 (ILCC(I.Scs associated witl7 being overweight and obesity.


Journal of continuing Education and Extension, 2015; 6 (2) :1036-1052


Overweight, Perception, Gender, Students