Factors affecting market access among spice farmers in Zanzibar

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Using survey data and secondary information, this study was carried out to analyse factors affecting market access among spice farmers in Zanzibar. The study’s specific objectives were (i) to examine economic characteristics of spice farmers and spice traders, (ii) to assess marketing channels for spices produced in Zanzibar, (iii) to analyse spice market potential in Zanzibar (Demand and Supply), and (iv) to examine factors influencing spice market access among spice farmers. This study was conducted in Zanzibar and primary data were collected through questionnaires from 85 smallholder farmers, 20 spice traders and 5 key informants. Binary logistic regression was performed to examine relationship among market factors and farmers’ access to spice market. The findings of this study showed that spice farmers were engaged in spice production based on different production and economic characteristics including farm occupation, association membership, land category and annual farm income. The analytical structure of marketing channels identified in the study area provided a framework for mapping and explaining potentials in market access for spice farmers in Zanzibar. The study also identified spice market potentials for supply and demand aspects. The results also pointed out significant influence made to market access among farmers by distant market, market information access, market organization, number of spices sold, quantity of spice sold, spice price and quantity of spices demanded. For spice market access among spice farmers the study recommends developing the spice value chain, formation of stronger spice farmers’ associations or networks, establishment of spice price monitoring authority, entrepreneurship training among spice farmers and a study on performance of spice tourism to spice farmers’ income.



market, spice farmers, spice farmers in Zanzibar, Zanzibar