Role of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania on poverty alleviation: a case study of the Mount Meru coffee project in Meru Diocese, Arusha Tanzania.

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted in Arumeru district, Arusha region Tanzania. The study examined the role played by ELCT-DME in poverty alleviation using Mt. Meru Coffee Project as a case study. Specifically the study aimed at (i) identifying key livelihood projects owned by ELCT –DME, (ii) assessing impacts of Mount Meru Coffee Project in coffee production in the study area,(iii) assessing impact of Mount Meru Coffee Project on poverty alleviation in the study area, and (iv) identifying challenges facing ELCT- DME in implementing Mt. Meru Coffee Project. Both secondary and primary data were used in which the former was obtained from project management, factories as well as from different literature. Primary data were collected from household survey using structured questionnaires. Procedurally, primary data were analyzed to get descriptive statistics: frequencies, percentages and cross tabulation. Results shows that ELCT-DME has various livelihood projects addressing both income and non-income poverty alleviation for her members and non-members. Furthermore results indicate that 44% and 50% of the respondents’ reports increase in number of coffee trees and production respectively; while 78% reports improved income through the project. Lack of extension services, input supply and limited market were identified as challenges. The study concludes that, the project has reduced income poverty by offering good price. However, the project had no effect on quantity of coffee produced. The study recommends the project to collaborate with government to provide extension services and expand the existing market. Furthermore, it recommends that the project should have a small processing industry to add value instead of exporting green coffee.



Evangelical, Poverty Alleviation, Coffee Project, Arusha


Makoninde,E.L(2010)Role Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church In Tanzania On Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study Of The Mount Meru Coffee Project In Meru Diocese, Arusha Tanzania. Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.