Assessment of iodine status of school children, pregnant and lactating women in mufindi and kilosa districts

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was conducted to assess iodine status of school-aged children, pregnant, lactating and normal women in Rungemba, Kitelewasi, Kinyanambo and Berega villages. Data were collected by using a structured, pre-tested questionnaire. Urine and salt samples were collected and analyzed to determine iodine concentrations. Anthropometric measurements including weight and height and records of age, sex and gestation age for the pregnant women were also taken. Data were analysed by using EPI info and SPSS statistical package for window programs. Results showed that, the median urinary iodine concentration for schoolchildren were 132.7 μg/L (boys) and 96.3 μg/L (girls). For pregnant, lactating and normal women, median iodine concentrations were 188.6, 155.7 and 258.4 μg/L, respectively. More than 80% (n = 135) of salt samples collected from the households had iodine concentration levels in the range of 20-50 ppm, while 15.6% (n = 135) had iodine concentrations below 20 ppm. This implied that, iodine concentration in most of the salt samples was adequate. Results also revealed that, 30.9% (n = 144) of schoolboys and 32.3% (n = 127) of schoolgirls had normal weight for age while 4.2% (n = 144) of schoolboys and 4.7% (n = 127 of schoolgirls were severely underweight. Majority 97.3% (n = 144) of schoolboys and 96.9% (n = 127) of schoolgirls had normal weight for height. Likewise, 4.3% (n = 139) of pregnant, 41 % (n = 139) of lactating and 22.3% (n = 139) normal women had BMI within the normal range (18.5 - 24.99) while 0.7% (n = 139) of pregnant, 12% of lactating, and 8% of normal women were overweight. Nutrition education on effects of iodine deficiency disorders and quality control of iodine levels in salt at district and local levels is important to ensure that adequate iodine is reaching the people.



School-aged children, Rungemba women, Anthropometric measurements, Pregnant and lactating women


Sakina,H (2008)Assessment of iodine status of school children, pregnant and lactating women in mufindi and kilosa districts;Morogoro.Sokoine University of Agriculture