Economic analysis of the role of women in the traditional farming systems in Mbozi District Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study evaluates the the economic analysis of role of women in the traditional farming systems in ten villages of Mbozi district. The specific objectives of the study are:{1) examining the contribution of women in the traditional agriculture production system and assess the distribution of output and income on gender basis; in agriculture on examining the effect of mechanisation utilisation labour respect with women; to identification of critical constraints in the production process where women are involved and (4 ) suggest ways of productivity women’s improving and their hence contributions to rural development. each of selected randomly. the ten villages, Descriptive farmers f ive statistics, were tabulations and multiple regressions w4re used in the analyses. results revealed that: (1 ) although women The labour contribution to both agricultural production and off- farm activities in the study area is greater than that of mens they don’t have control over income; (2) production of food crops is mostly the responsibility of females while that- cash of crops is males’; (3) women’s workload increases relative to men as agricultural mechanisation increases; (4) the factors accessibility to which affect resources women’s are productivity economic andnsocial constraints , Lack of access agricultural information Mbozi women from and achieving to Labour, Land, credit their capital, facilities maximum hinder product ivity levels and (5) Mbozi women have an equal say with their husbands on what to is be produced and sell in t he i r families. Policy recommendations include: (1 ) the provision of labour and time saving devices appropriate for women; (2) resources be should efficiently by used, much more increasing the proportion directed to women’s crops and tasks to reflect more accurately the importance of these crops and tasks to the food system; (3) gender related biases should be eradicated; (4) credit facilities should be provided to women farmers and ( 5) women should be encouraged to form economic units such as co operatives or associations so awareness and self as to increase confidence. their productivity,


The Degree of Master of Science (Agricultural Economics)


Economic analysis, Traditional farming systems, Production process, Women-traditional agriculture production system, Women’s productivity