Basic density and some strength properties of pinus caribaea, pinus kesiya and pinus oocarpa grown in Katugo, Uganda

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Sokoine University of Agriculture.


Basic density variations in and six 25-y-old properties strength three Pinus and their grown species in Katugo, Uganda were investigated. Six trees in each of Pinus caribaea and Pinus oocarpa and three in Pinus kesiya were selected, felled, billeted and test samples prepared according to standard methods. 3 diameter classes, each of the three species, 3 In axial positions and 4 radial positions (3 for basic density) were sampled. Basic density was determined by water displacement method. Tests of various strength properties were done in accordance with standard procedures. The data were analyzed using Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software. Results showed: The overall mean wood properties values were as follows: Basic density was 424.33, 431.37 and 444.37 kg/m3; Modulus of rupture was 54.51, 55.31 and 60.69 M/mm2; elasticity was Modulus of 3590.51, maximum load was M/mm2; 3752.240.033, and 3325.37 0.099 and 0.101 mmM/mm3; Maximum compression strength. was 33.33, 33.33 and 34.66 1'1/mm2; Maximum surencrtc. was 9-30 and 10.37 M/mm- and Cleavage was 11.79, 12.1c and 12.43 M/mm in camoasa.,- arciii Wood strength properties values determined were within range with properties of Pines grown in Kenya and Tanzania. Research findings suggest the possibilities for expanding investigated.the use the of three species The inner wood can be used for non- structural applications and the outer for structural purposes. There were no significant differences in all wood properties between the three species. Between trees statistically variation significant in wood in properties all the were species, indicating the potential of improving wood quality through selection. Growth rate had no significant difference on wood properties. Wood properties studied decreased significantly from stump upwards the stem and increased from pith outwards in the three species studied. Strength properties of the three Pinus species were strongly correlated to basic density


Master of Science in Forestry


Pinus caribaea, Pinus kesiya, Pinus oocarpa grown, Katugo, Uganda