Community health fund and quality health services in Morogoro district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted to assess the contribution of Community Health Fund (CHF) on the quality of health services in Morogoro District. Specifically, the study assessed the utilization of health services by members and non-members of CHF on accessibility, affordability, availability and acceptability; compared the attitude of CHF members and non-CHF members on the quality of health service and identified the challenges facing CHF members and non-members in accessing and utilization of health services. A cross- sectional research design was adopted. Both purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used. A total of 100 respondents were interviewed. Data were collected using a questionnaire whereby quantitative data were collected. The analysis of data was done using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). It was found that attitude of respondents towards the quality of health services did not differ significantly among members and non-members of CHF. Similarly, the majority of the respondents complained that poor health services were the greatest challenge. Eventually, half of the respondents confirmed that the availability and acceptability of health services were the problem to their nearest health facilities. However, less than fifty percent of the respondents had access to health services. Therefore, they managed to afford the services. It is concluded that poor health services is one among the factors contribute people dropping out from the CHF scheme. It is recommended that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare should strive to improve the quality of health services to both members and non-members of CHF.


MSc Thesis


Community Health Fund, health services, health fund accessibility, health fund availability, health fund acceptability, social welfare