Strategic power and power struggles in the national REDD+ governance process in Tanzania: any effect on its legitimacy?

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Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation


Tanzania is currently undertaking a number of initiatives related to the development of national REDD+ governance structures. These initiatives, among others, include process to establish a national REDD+ Trust Fund (NRTF) and the National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC). In this paper, the on-going national REDD+ governance structure establishment processes at both local and national levels are analysed. The study focused on REDD+ governance process, the participating actors, power and power struggle and its effects on the political legitimacy underlying the REDD+ governance process. The study was undertaken through intensive review of literature and relevant reports and documents, and dialogue with actors involved in the process. It was found that while REDD+ governance continues to evolve, some non-economic actors are transforming themselves into economic actors and ‘Power brokers’ in order to enhance their position in protecting their interests during the process. It was noted as well that strategic power and power struggles are emerging as part of the evolving processes at both local and national levels. The study concludes that strategic intervention/decision was required to facilitate smooth process and avoid the stalemate that can be caused by emerging power struggles in the national REDD+ governance structure development process.



Tanzania, REDD+, Governance structures, Institutions, Power struggle, Legitimacy