Value chain analysis of sclerocarya birrea products in Tanzania: case studies of Uyui and Kilosa districts

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Munna, Abubakari Hamis

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study analyzed the Sclerocarya birrea products value chain. In this study, 90 respondents were drawn from Kilosa district and 68 from Uyui district: 60 being processing group members and 8 collectors. Data were collected through focus group discussions, key informant interviews and household surveys by use of semi- structured questionnaires and interview schedules. The Sub- sector mapping analysis revealed that S. birrea products value chain comprised of collectors, processors and consumers who engage in fruits collection and in making and selling wines and jams to end users. Enterprise budget approach shows that there is unequal distribution of profits; 96% and 6% being accrued by processors and collectors respectively. With the aid of Principal Component Analysis, Multiple regression analysis revealed that processing is statistically significant (β = -0.464, t = -3.264, p<0.01) influencing success in commercialization of S. birrea fruits though negatively. Lack of market information and linkage, absence of sensitization campaigns, lack of government support, reliance on donor support, lack of awareness on economic value and absence of government and NGOs initiatives cause underutilization and commercialization of S. birrea trees. However, availability of trees and external markets, legal recognition of the business, the possibility of the tree to be domesticated and consumers’ awareness on S. birrea products were identified to be potential opportunities. Also, collection of fruits occurs in private, communal and protected lands either by permission, free access or by payments. Tanzania still lacks NTFPS policy and currently there is no formal government rules guiding harvesting of S. birrea products. Therefore, government and NGOs support is a key driver to enhance commercialization and sustainable utilization of S. birrea in Tanzania.



Sclerocarya birrea, dioecious tree, marula, Uyui, Kilosa, natural resources