Market chain analysis of african indigenous vegetables (aivs) in Tanzania: a case study of african eggplant (solanum aethiopicum) in kahama district .Morogor

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Sokoine University Of Agriculture


This study was conducted to assess the market chain analysis of African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) in Tanzania with emphasis of African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) among smallholder farmers. Specifically the study had four objectives namely (a) to identify African indigenous vegetables with high value marketing potential grown in the study area (b) to identify supply chain actors (c) to determine role played by different actors along the market chain (d) to determine the profitability of African eggplant by small holder farmers. Primary data were collected and gathered using structured questionnaires, observation and discussion. Responses from the interview were coded and analysed with the aid of the excel and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) computer programme. Data analysis entailed a descriptive statistics. Gross Margin technique was employed to determine profitability among the market actors. Through ranking, African eggplant were identified the most in contributing more in provisional of dual functions of vegetables both physical and mental health and poverty alleviation due to it is long harvesting period hence long supply duration in market supply. The study identified that main actors in this sub sector are producers, traders, transporters and consumers. It was also revealed that, while GM/Kg Tshs37.35) from producer seemed to be low compared with that of wholesalers GM/Kg (Tshs 42.78), the GM/Kg (Tshs 114.62) for retailers is higher hence receiving more benefits than other actors along the chain. Therefore it may be concluded that by identifying different actors and roles played along the market chain will assist the institutions in formulation of policy intervention that may stimulate smallholders’ farmers’ profitability in AIV marketing. Hence it was recommended that, establishing institutions such as NGOs or Cooperatives will promote farmers to work together in order to have a strong voice and unity as they need to negotiate for favorable prices for their produce.



Kahama district, Market chain for smallholder farmers in Africa, Market chain analysis of African indigenous vegetables


Osano ,Z.S(2010).Market chain analysis of african indigenous vegetables (aivs) in Tanzania: a case study of african eggplant (solanum aethiopicum) in kahama district .Morogoro:Sokoine University Of Agriculture.