Community response to hiv/aids: a case of pastoralists in Kilosa district, Tanzania .

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


A study to assess the response of pastoralist community towards HIV/AIDS was conducted in two villages of Kilosa district in Morogoro region. A cross sectional research design was adopted whereby a purposive sampling technique was used in combination with simple random sampling method so as to obtain a sample of 51 adult respondents and snow-ball technique was used to obtain 42 youth respondents. In addition 20 key informants were sampled. A structured questionnaire was the main instrument used in data collection. Checklists were used for key informants and focus group discussions (FGDs). The data were statistically analyzed using SPSS computer programme to obtain frequencies and percentages. Results have shown that all respondents were aware of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. More than 90% showed positive attitudes towards HIV/AIDS and PLWHA. Education level was observed to be statistically associated with HIV/AIDS testing status at p<0.05. Individuals with primary education were more likely to go for HIV testing than those with no formal education. Also the study observed negative and positive responses shown by individuals and households towards HIV/AIDS. Negative responses observed were: taking children out of school, sending children to relatives, selling of productive assets (livestock) for food and medical costs, skipping some meals and depending on wild food. The positive observed responses included asking for loans, selling labour and move to crop farming. Generally, response by civil society organizations (CSOs) were observed to be positive such as care and support for infected and affected individuals and households by providing material support such as monetary, food, clothes, medical care and medicine, moral or spiritual support, guidance in counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS and mitigation of HIV/AIDS. Central government responses were also very positive such as educating the community on HIV/AIDS, care and support for PLWHA.



HIV/AIDS, Pastoralist community, Kilosa district


Mghase, S. J(2010). Community response to hiv/aids: a case of pastoralists in Kilosa district, Tanzania . Morogoro: Sokoine University of Agriculture.