Village travel and transport programme, peoples’ income, community participation and access to social services in Kilolo District-Iringa

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Despite that VTTP was introduced in Tanzania over the two decades ago, there is inadequate information among the community members on its contribution of such projects to people’s livelihood and levels of participation. Inadequate rural transport infrastructure and lack of mobility pose constraints to rural development in Sub- Saharan Africa including Tanzania. Without physical access to various social- economic services, centres rural communities would have difficulties in obtaining health, education and other social services. This study aimed at assessing the contribution of Village Travel and Transport Programme in improving people’s income, access to social services and enhancing community participation to development processes in Kilolo District. A cross-sectional research design was adopted and data were gathered from a sample of 120 households from four villages namely Lulanzi, Ukumbi, Utengule and Msalali. The primary data from the questionnaire was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study revealed that there was no income obtained by directly participating in the VTTP, but from other activities as a result of the presence of the road works. The findings, further, indicate that with improved rural roads there was improved access especially to social and economic services located away from the villages. In some villages, where the programme was not fully completed especially the construction of bridges and culvert, people were still facing difficulties in accessing some of social and economic services. Regarding community participation in rural road works, the study reveals that, the majority of the people participated through various ways. It was noted further that the community was highly involved in implementation and poorly involved in planning, monitoring and maintenance. Based on the findings, it could be suggested that the government should ensure that earlier projects are completed before initiating and supporting new projects. This would encourage communities to participate more to ensure sustainability than otherwise.



Kilolo District, Iringa, Rural transport, Rural development, Social services, Social-economic services, Transport programme, Community participation, Tanzania


Ebeneza Joram Mlinga (2010). Village travel and transport programme, peoples’ income, community participation and access to social services in Kilolo District – Iringa .Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.