Above- and belowground tree biomass models for three mangrove species in Tanzania: a nonlinear mixed effects modelling approach


& Key message Tested on data from Tanzania, both existing species-specific and common biomass models developed elsewhere revealed statistically significant large prediction errors. Species-specific and common above- and below- ground biomass models for three mangrove species were therefore developed. The species-specific models fitted bet- ter to data than the common models. The former models are recommended for accurate estimation of biomass stored in mangrove forests of Tanzania. & Context Mangroves are essential for climate change mitiga- tion through carbon storage and sequestration. Biomass models are important tools for quantifying biomass and car- bon stock. While numerous aboveground biomass models exist, very few studies have focused on belowground biomass, and among these, mangroves of Africa are hardly or not represented.



Avicennia-Sonneratia-Rhizophora, Carbon, Fixed and random effects