Assessment of sustainability of strategies for management of conflict between farmers and pastoralists over land use in Makomelo village, Igunga District, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Many conflicts between farmers and pastoralists have been witnessed in Tanzania. A number of measures were taken to mitigate these conflicts by government at various levels over the years. Unfortunately, these conflicts not only continue to persist, fast becoming a nationwide phenomenon. Conflicts between farmers and pastoralists occurred also in Makomelo village where efforts were done to mitigate the conflict. Due to this fact this study intended to assess the effectiveness and sustainability of strategies for management of conflict between farmers and pastoralists in Makomelo village, Igunga District, Tanzania. Simple random sampling (SRS) was used to obtain a sample size of 120 (60 farmers and 60 pastoralists). Data were collected from all 120 respondents by using questionnaire, where the instrument for data collection was interview schedule. Data were analyzed using SPSS computer program. Data from key informants was analyzed by content analysis method. The study findings revealed that no good result can be obtained by using power in solving conflict between farmers and pastoralists. Further, the study found sustainable resolution is obtained by creating awareness to the community members to know the importance of peace keeping in their society, and involve people and especially the conflicting groups to find out for their own what are the causes and what are the strategies suitable to end conflict . Also, the study found the need to use elders in resolving farmers and pastoralists conflicts because they know the root causes of the conflicts, they are close to their people and they are part of a particular society. The study recommends that farmers and pastoralists should be taught on how to use the available resources such as water and land for benefit of both groups. The conflicting groups should learn how to live by respecting and trusting each other and that the suffering for one is suffering for all.



farmers, pastoralists, Makomelo village, Igunga District, Conflict management