Genetic interaction between phaseolus vulgaris and bean common mosaic virus with implications for strain identification and breeding for resistance

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DRIJFHOUT, 嚣 TEic Mus with implications for strain identi^-aHon^nd^breeding for resistance. RepJVerllJandbouwk. Onderz.) 872. ISBN 90 220 0671 9. (vii) + 98 p.. summaries. 仙*撷 , 2 加*4两加卅 、 Aho: Doctoral thesis, 'Vageningen^ } Various strains of bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) occur in susceptible cultivars of bean. To compare compare these strains, a standard procedure for identification ;ind a set of dif- bean. To ferentiM cultivars were established. The differentials are representatives of 11 resistance Roups'determined groups, < ---------- --- by testing - of about 450 lx?an cultivars with 8 to 10 strains. The virus strains and isolates were classified into 10 pathogenicity groups and subgroups, so that 10 strains were distinguished and the others considered as isolates of those strains. Twelve differentials were intercrossed and their F, and tested with most of the strains for genetical analysis of resistance in bean. Seven genes were distinguished: a necrosis gene /, already known from the literature. 5 strain-specific resistance guncs be』, be」,bc・2, bc-22 and bc・3, and a strain-unspccific gene be*, complementary to the strain-specific ones. Genes hc-1 and he-12 were allelic, as were bc・2 and bc・2:. The 5 loci segregated independently or nearly so. The 4 strain-specific genes bc・l to hc-22 had a gcnc-for-gcnc relationship with 4 pathogenicity genes, likely to be present in the virus strains. Gene bc-3 had not been overcome by a corresponding pathogenicity gene. Two bean genotypes were developed with resistance to all known strains. Some implica­ tions for resistance breeding arc discussed. Free descriptors: Phaseolus vulgaris, common bean, bean common mosaic virus. BCM V, breeding for resistance, genetics of resistance, iiost 一 virus relationship, pathogenic varimion, screening for resistance, strain identification. This thesis will also be published as Agricultural Research Reports 872. ® Sc 血 Agricultural Publishing and Documentation ,Wageningen, 1978. No Part of this book may be r:r._. rint, micro- reproduced and/or published in any form, by print, photop film or any other means without wri -• written permission from the publishers.



Genetic, Phaseolus vulgaris, Bean, Mosaic virus, Breeding