Adaptive adoption of rainwater storage systems by farmers

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Sokoine Universitry of Agriculture


Water is vital for every human community and is essential resource for economic development, agricultural productivity, industrial growth and above all human well- being. Availability of clean, safe and secure water source will always be a major concern for human populations. Access to adequate fresh water is limited, yet crucial for the survival of the inhabitants. Rainwater harvesting and storage appears to be an alternative for supplying water in the face of increasing water scarcity and escalating water demand in Makanya. The main objective of this study was to assess the adaptive adoption of rainwater storage systems by farmers. The study was done in some villages at Makanya ward. The study objectives were: (1) to determine factors influenced adaptive adoption of rainwater storage systems to farmers (ii) to assess adaptive adoption of rainwater storage systems by farmers and (iii) to find out reasons for adaptation of rainwater storage. Sixty seven households were surveyed. Purposive sampling was used to select villages for data collection and simple random sampling was employed in selecting adopters of rainwater storage systems in the study area. The data were coded and analyzed. Data analysis entailed descriptive statistics including frequencies, cross tabulation and chi-square tests. A logit model was used to assess objective of this study. Results revealed that major factors influenced farmers’ adaptation were water problems to adopters, education, sex, income and household size. It was revealed again that income, technological awareness and knowledge on technology have significantly influenced the adaptation of rainwater storage systems (p<0.05). This suggests that the water problems and income level of farmers have facilitated the adaptation of rainwater storage system by farmers. Therefore, it recommended that farmers should be given an opportunityiii to participate and decide to their needs rather than being required to accept what is not of their interest.



Rainwater, Rainwater storage, Famers system


Mihayo,D.G(2008) Adaptive adoption of rainwater storage systems by farmers