Parents’ income and primary school students performance in Tabora region.

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of parent’s income on the student’s performance in primary schools in Tabora region. The specific objectives of the study were;(i) to examine the relationship between parent’s education level and students’ performance;(ii) to investigate the extent of fulfillments of basic study materials needed in class and during private time studies; (iii) to investigate parental influence on managing students’ time and other necessary resources investing in education; and (iv) to analyze the influences of parent’s income and students’ performance. The study used cross-sectional survey design in data collection. The aim was to allow collection of data on different groups of respondents at one point at a time. Data were collected using an interview and questionnaires. Moreover, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was employed during data collection. Cross tabulation and logistic regression models were used to analyze data on the factors that influence student’s school performance. The study was purposely carried in only one primary school selected out of 72 primary schools in Tabora Municipality (due to its students’ family income heterogeneity). The study involved 120 respondents (63 pupils; 19 teachers and 38 parents). Study findings revealed that the availability of teaching- learning materials to students and long distance from home to school affected student’s performance in Tabora region. Other factors like student’s attitude towards education; tuition and student’s self time study affect student’s performance in Tabora region. Thus, the study recommends on the availability of teaching-learning materials to students. Further more, the study recommends on introduction of various programmes that could improve student’s attitude towards education. More over, many schools should be built to reduce distance from home to school a factor that tends to affect student’s performance in Tabora.



Parents’ income Primary school students performance, Basic study materials needed, Tabora region


Kajanja, L. M(2009). Parents’ income and primary school students performance in Tabora region. Morogoro: Sokoine University of Agriculture.