Provision of livestock extension services in peri-urban areas: a case of Kitunda ward, Ilala Municipality, Dar-Es-Salaam Region.

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was conducted to investigate factors influencing the provision of extension services to livestock keepers in Kitunda Ward; a peri-urban area in Ilala Municipality, Dar-es-salaam Region. Specifically, the study attempted to; assess private as well as the public livestock extension agents (LEAs) in the provision of Livestock Extension Service (LES) in Kitunda, examine the type of services and information, professional and technical advice provided by LEAs to the livestock keepers, identify the ways and techniques that LEAs used to disseminate LES information and, lastly, to analyze the perceptions of livestock producers about the quality of LES rendered to them by the public as compared to the private service providers. A sample of 135 respondents was obtained in this cross-sectional survey, including 30 who kept dairy cattle, 30 kept pigs, 60 kept chicken of which 30 kept broilers and 30 layers as well as 15 LEAs, both private and public. A structured, self-administered questionnaire was designed and used to collect data. The researcher quantitatively used cross tabulation, percentage and frequencies to analyse data Results. Findings were elastic and varied significantly (p<0.05) with sex, education and occupation of respondents. For comparison of private LEAs and public LEAs, parameter such as vaccination, treatment, postmortem, use of molasses, and livestock record across sex, education and occupation, LES rendered were mainly dominated by the private LEAs than public LEAs (p>0.05). Unreliable livestock extension services was a major problem reported by 64 (53.3%) of the respondents, that hindered the development of livestock production in Kitunda. Apparently, LES would improve if private LEAs, input suppliers and expert livestock keepers were more effective, qualified and assisted with subsidised equipment.



Livestock, Extension Services, Ilala Municipality, Dar-Es-Salaam Region


Rwongezibwa,B.M(2009)Provision Of Livestock Extension Services In Peri-Urban Areas: A Case Of Kitunda Ward, Ilala Municipality, Dar-Es-Salaam Region. Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.