Educational quality achievements of primary education development progarmme phase II in selected primary schools in Morogoro district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Tanzania has focused on providing quality basic education as a tool for fighting poverty, ignorance and disease. Thus, this study was conducted to assess educational quality achievements of PEDP II in selected primary schools in Morogoro District, Tanzania. Specific objectives were to: identify the factors which constitute priority indicators of quality education, determine the extent to which quality education initiatives were implemented under Primary Education Development Programme II (PEDP II) and determine leadership challenges associated with implementing quality education. Data were collected from 110 respondents including 80 teacher respondents, 30 key informants and various documentary sources using questionnaires, researcher‟s diary and checklist. Quantitative data were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) computer software and “content analysis” technique was used to analyse qualitative data. The study identified priority indicators of quality education, determined the extent to which initiatives of quality education were implemented under PEDP II and leadership challenges associated with implementation of quality education. It was concluded that PEDP II Programme did little to adapt school to fit characteristics of child, especially those on the margin. It was recommended that quality improvement must attend to capacities of learners, supportiveness of learning environment, effectiveness of learning processes, appropriateness of content and achievement of outcomes. The study also suggested to undertake studies on educational quality achievements of PEDP II Programme in other parts of the country in order to enable generalisation of observations.



Primary education, Education development, Education progarmme, Primary schools, Morogoro district, Tanzania, Primary education development programme II (PEDPII)